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“The Black Isle Men’s shed (BIMS) is coming together!

Our first main project will be to construct a safe working area within the centre. We should have the building warrant for the internal secure shed in place by the end of April, but funding will be slower than expected. Hopefully it will be in place by mid-May, so it is now anticipated that construction work will begin at the end of that month.

This work will comprise putting together 8’ x 4’ plywood sheets using 4” x 2” studs and forming and assembling these panels into walls of the compound. We will then fit together our cupboards and workbenches and put in place various saws and lathes that our funding allows us to purchase. The roof of the shed will require to be passed by a Structural Engineer as it is load bearing and will carry lengths of wood and possibly the odd shedder. Please let Richard know of any contact you may have with a friendly Structural Engineer.

There are a number of small projects, still to be firmed up, but we will keep you informed of developments. These will be started in Avoch before the building work commences and will allow those who wish to be actively engaged to hone their skills and get to know their potential workmates. It will also be an opportunity for other members to use the centre for more social purposes including admiring or advising on the work in progress and generally enjoying the crack.

We are actively looking for volunteer Supervisors to help run the shed and anticipate that, to allow for time off, there should be two men per day. As we get more people to help run the shed, we will be able to open on more days. Supervisors will open and close the doors of the Avoch Centre, tidy up behind them (part of our lease requires us to keep the floors clean and leave no mess) and organize work in the shed.

First Aid courses will be provided where necessary and training for running the workshop will be given, including inducting others into safe working practices. If you would like to help, please give send us your details via our Enquiry Page.

Please check the Diary Page for current events and if you would like to get involved, use the Sign Up page to book your place.”

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